June 2012 Meeting

Meeting called to order at 6:35pm by Craig Hill. 43 members and guests presents. Several new members and visitors were introduced to the group.

Barbara brought the possibility of doing logo items for the club as a fundraiser to raise the account balance above the $1000 level to avoid any monthly service charges. Members were polled and the majority elected to go with hats. She will follow up with a local vendor to see about getting them made.

Craig discussed the possibility of changing the meeting time from 6:30 back to 7 pm. The consensus was to leave it as it was at 6:30.

The July assignment was discussed and several options were presented. After receiving some great ideas from the group, Craig has decided the July theme will be ‘Motion in Nature’. Please get your images (limit of three) to Craig prior to Saturday, June 30th.

Also, discussed were issues with the pictures being submitted by the group. Please remember to send the pictures as attachments, not embedded and to pay attention to the file size.

The June assignment ‘Colors in Nature’ photographs were presented and discussed.

There were two presentations for the evening, both given by member Chris Tennant. The first presentation was “From the Northeast to the Southwest: A Trip Report” which detailed several trips made recently and discussed methods used to capture some awesome scenic photos.

The second presentation was ‘Advanced Selections in Masking and Photoshop’ in which Chris presented several photos and went through the processes used to make changes to the photos using these options. The presentation is available on the website.

The July meeting will be July 2nd at 6:30 PM at the library. See you there.

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