November 7 Meeting: Joe Heyman “Traveling with Nature”


Joe Heyman

Joe Heyman

We always travel with Nature, yet focus on that topic far from home. Berna and I have had the good fortune to venture away from the ‘burg many times over the past several decades. I love to try to capture the visual and emotional feeling of new vistas. A camera captures what it sees, not what you see or feel. Often that reality has me buried in Photoshop till late hours of the night.

For this talk, I will examine highlights from several areas: Namibia, Tanzania, Patagonia, India and Morocco. I look forward to sharing some of my more distant travels with the club, but will recall the sights in our neighborhood.

Member photo theme: Sunset/Sunrise

October 3 Meeting: Lynda Richardson

Lynda Richardson

Lynda Richardson

Join us at the Oct 3rd at 6:30 p.m. at the James City County Library in Norge (7770 Croaker Rd., Williamsburg) to see local nature photographer Lynda Richardson.

Lynda has been a photographer and contributing writer to Virginia Wildlife for twenty plus years and is now a member of the magazine staff. She has a vast knowledge of animal behavior and has led nature and photography tours for organizations such as the National Zoo in Washington DC and The Nature Conservancy as well as had assignments for major magazines including Smithsonian, National and Interna- tional Wildlife, and National Geographic magazines. Her presentation will be…”Some Pictures and Stories” Lynda will show a selection of photographs from her past magazine assignment work and tell some of the stories behind the images. Images were shot in Cuba, Africa, Central and South America and the good ole USA.”

Member photo theme: Wildlife. Send up to three photos to Craig (see newsletter for his address).
How to resize photos for Craig

Focus FUNdamentals: RAW II

Miguel continues his class in RAW Monday, September 26th, at 6:30 in the Kitzinger Room at the James City County Library. The main subject will
consist of how to process a high key image. Also, reinforcement and more detailed explanations of the tools, white balance, file handling and more. You’ll be fine even if you didn’t come for the first RAW class.