February 5th Meeting: Dave Ruebush

Join us Monday, February 5th, for our monthly meeting at the James City County Library, 7770 Croaker Rd., Williamsburg. Member Dave Ruebush will be our guest speaker. His presentation will be ‘The Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Creatures of the Lembeh Straits’ and will explore the world of underwater photography from one of his recent trips.

Dave’s description of his talk: One of the great things about diving is that it is a totally different world down there and you never know what you’ll end up seeing and being able to photograph. Some people focus on getting shots of pretty fish. I have developed an interest in the more unusual fish, shrimp, crabs, cepha- lopods, snails, slugs, etc. that can be found in habitats that are often termed as “muck.” This would definitely not be a coral reef, but more likely black sand, mud, or a variety of human trash discarded into the water and lying on the bottom. The Lembeh Straits of North Sulawesi are the “muck” capital of the world and have some of the wildest, weirdest creatures that can be found. I’ll show you a variety in the talk.

Member photo theme: Silhouettes and Shadows.